"You do too much"

Do you hear “you do too much” a lot?  This could be referring to you personality or your actions; talking, laughing, singing, dancing, your pursuit for success or even tweeting(don’t judge me)! Well I say keep doing it! And for now on tell the person who says “you do too much” that they “do too little”!

I have been told that Im too aggressive, too insensitive, too opinionated and extra blah blah blah blah blah. I had to sit back and realize that those are all the things I love about myself and most of the people who are telling me things are just “living life” with no opinion(HUGE NOBODIES) what so ever and just blends in with the crowd *yawn*. It is obvious that they “do too little” or even “do just enough” either way SO! (so is what you say when you run out of a rebuttal, you may have mastered this at the age of 5)

Anyway…. then I thought about it business wise and I realized those type of  “do too little” people don’t make it big. Those people hate when you are doing more than them and they want to make you feel extra to compensate for their lack of.

I think back and I must admit that I used to say people did too much not realizing that I wasn’t doing anything at all. So what would give me the right to tell someone else about what they were doing? Maybe I was jealous. Maybe deep down inside I wanted to be doing at least half of what they were doing and in order to feel like I was doing anything at all I had to tell them “you do too much”. Let it settle….

So I’m here to say to all the EXTRA and “doing too much” type of people, KEEP IT GOING! Do so much until the day you rest six feet under and you can’t do no more! While the others live their lives six feet under and not even realize it!

Wreckless as usual:-)


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