A mentality of a teenager

Remember when you were in high school or even in middle school and your mother would tell you what to do and you would respond, “why do you care so much, its my life, let me live my life”!

Yeah I reflect back to that moment and laugh because I didn’t realize it then but my mother had her best interest at heart for me and really only wanted the best for myself.

People its time to grow. I don’t care how you do it but at least strive for it. If you are still thinking in this mentality of a teenager pushing away good people who have your best interest at heart… GROW UP!

I had to come blog about this because this was mind bottling (I wonder if this words makes any sense). I was voicing to a friend about how the decisions of who I considered close friends and family affect me and this friend didn’t understand how I was so concerned with what people did with their lives. She said verbatim, “Its their lives, let them live it”. That question alone disturbed me because that is the type of mentality which I think is unfortunate for people to have.

I’m not saying implement control over someone but we should take responsibility for not only our actions but those of the people we care about as well. I would hope if I continued making the same mistake over and over by all means at least A friend (I seem to be running out of those lately) or family would attempt an intervention or heart-to-heart talk. Lets go from saying what Ike Turner said best, “Anna Mae eat the cake” to “Anna Mae put the cake down”.


If your friend or family member insists on making decisions that are clearly destroying them PLEASE don’t sit back and “let them live their life” It doesn’t have to take away from you living yours but by all means care enough to say something. Sometimes all we have is our words and if your intentions are good, they will be acknowledged…. Eventually.

Or you will end up on the next episode of “WHAT WOULD YOU DO”?

wreckless. I know,

death to the mentality of a teenager!



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  1. OrangeRoom
    November 12, 2010 / 3:18 pm

    Love this word!

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