"Kill them with progress" A toast for the douchebags!!!

Please know that my favorite rapper is Kanye West….. Why?? For many reasons! but most importantly because he says it slowly enough so I can understand it quickly (Eat Pray Love bit).

This year 2010 K. Weezy graced the VMAs with a great performance where he said it best:

“Lets make a toast for the douchebagstoast for the assholes/toast for the scumbags, every one of them that I know”

All I have to say is DAMN RIGHT K. West!!!! “I want to prepare a toast, I said toast mother fuccas” (college dropout album bit)

This week I’ve sensed some haters on the premises. But not those typical haters that whisper behind your back (side note: KILL YOURSELF) but those haters who are obnoxiously hating and make it extremely apparent in any kind of way to ATTEMPT to make you feel benign (side note: ANNIHILATE YOURSELF). These are those douchebags, assholes, and scumbags.

Here’s a toast!

Naturally as a human you want to flick them off, curse at them, or even say harmful things about the person…. but I’m leaning towards taking the unnatural (hence the opposite of natural) way. Matter of the fact after watching Social Network (btw great movie) this week, it may be my best to write this blog, continue building my website, and then print 500,000 business cards that read “I’m CEO BITCH!”

It’s synonymous to the saying “kill them with kindness” but since I’m a professional I prefer “kill them with progress”.

I really did appreciate the movie, Social Network, for the means of motivation the creator of face book portrayed in the movie. Granted he was deemed as an asshole himself however it was obvious that he was relentless to “extend and advance”(shout out to my Improv teacher, Debbie, for this game). I really can relate!

Since I decided to start a career in comedy even some of the people I consider my closest friends started taking shots at me. But I learned the best way to shut people up is to take away their voice (no literally shove a brick down their bronchi). What you are saying doesn’t matter because I’m not listening *holds ears shut and screams la la la la la la* 😛

While you talk, I build. Kill them with progress!

This should be enough for the haters! deuces….

Don’t forget! Wild out, be wreckless!



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  1. Lamont Carolina
    October 21, 2010 / 4:42 pm

    Toasting! Toast mutha fuccas!! lol

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