Embracing my free spirit :-P

Hey yall! For those of you who know me and have already labeled me as a “free spirit” you may be on to something! And for those of you who don’t know me that well…. allow me to re-introduce myself! MY NAME IS HOV! Im kidding.

But I honestly do consider myself a laid back, down to earth person who for the MOST part goes with the flow AND at the best times I make it my business not to create chaos.

This free spirit. I KNOW for sure I got this from my mother. From the time I was born in Providence, RI my mother had the family moving to Brooklyn then road tripping the entire 7 of us down to Atlanta all in a two-year time span! I wouldn’t think twice about where these characteristics were embedded in myself.

This free spirit has always been within me. Before I could finish high school I was ready to pack up and move to another state without looking back. I arrived to Howard University in DC, completed four years and upon graduation I was thinking of moving out of the country! I reconsidered after my service learning trip to the Dominican Republic so I then moved back to Atlanta for two months then came running back to DC for another 4 months. There were many times I had been running from my free spirit and in the end realizing I was running from myself. But one day I woke up and said “I want to move to New York” and so I did. It really was that simple. Thats what I appreciate most about my free spirit. I get an idea and I just move on it.

It isn’t solely about getting up and moving somewhere but its a mind set. I am a huge believer in one’s mind being the driving force of life’s direction and for a while I wasn’t willing to let myself be free nor think freely. Often times before my journey here in New York I was dependent on my family’s or friend’s opinions and not whole heartedly doing me. I had realized that there doesn’t have to be a right time or a perfect moment for me to take MY idea and run with it and I am glad that I’m willing to embrace it and grow.

Analyzing things, I have realized my personal growth and the development and the best decision being to embrace my free spirit. Things hasn’t always been the easiest to make a decision and act on it. If that was the case I would’ve started comedy a while ago. I also noticed the best outcomes were when I didn’t try so hard or put much effort in to controlling the situation. So in hindsight there had to be a development. I had to take certain steps towards this development and these steps allowed me to know more about who I am and what I want for myself. In knowing who I am I ask myself, “why complicate life with questions and apprehension”? From here on out I’m going with the flow!

Having a free spirit has its ups and downs. For a simple example its like suggesting to my friends that we go to a party. Lip gloss is popping! The bouncers are nice allowing easy entry, dj is killing it all night, free drinks from ATTRACTIVE dudes in VIP, and everything happens for the FREE (its a recession). Huge WIN!  BUT then I make that same suggestion on another occasion and we end up on a four hour bus ride to the wackest party there is to live through, long lines, overpriced bar prices, a wack dj, and no potential candidates for any flirtation whatsoever! complete FAIL.

Or for a more complicated example I find out two months later that I’m dating someone 13 years older me because Im just going with the flow. But that doesn’t take away from the good times and great conversations that I did enjoy.

nor does ending up 15,000 feet in the air jumping from a plane feel so bad when I landed safe and had an experience of a lifetime.

or like even recently I end up living in a great city that has made a huge impact on who I am today more than most experiences to date.

All I see is WIN WIN WIN no matter what! So don’t be scared to embrace your free spirit and go with the flow!

Happy wreckless living:-P


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  1. OrangeRoom
    October 22, 2010 / 1:36 am

    This is powerful!!! “You are my latest, my latest, my greatest inspiration and you’re lifting me up higher”. -Teddy P.

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