Hello world! NEW YEAR! NEW WAYS!!!

I will like to invite everyone into my world!!! I believe a blog is a great way to expose my comedic and not so comedic sense of humor but either way this is an example of my dedication to growth! Growth is the mantra of my life. I affirm daily “I will be a better person today than yesterday”.

Today is October 6,2010 and I have deemed this as my official comedy bday:-) NEW YEAR! NEW WAYS!!! Significant for soooo many reasons! I decided to start my blog today hence my first blog being on TODAY! They say “to create different results, you can not continue to do the same things” hence NEW YEAR! NEW WAYS!!! I’m not perfect. I don’t think Im perfect and thats what makes me funny! We all live each day and lessons are shoved down our throats one way or the other and since I began my journey as a comedianne these lessons have become more apparent and hilariously obvious! Some times I don’t learn lessons, I just laugh hysterically at life! So why not share?!

NOW! The goal is to blog at least once a week and more often as I am inspired to:-) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing (which I must add has grown on me as well)…. ANYWHO! Make sure you check me out on twitter, facebook, and yes even myspace!!! Aminah Imani is the name and comedy is my game! LETS GET IT! I also posted a new youtube video up compliments of Nairobi Nelson! THANK YOU! ENJOY:-)

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  1. nairobi nelson
    October 11, 2010 / 2:43 pm

    Very interesting story…u have a way with words…curious about the script ur writing…u have to check out this script that i wrote..i have an eerie feeling of being super successful with ur help..ur blessed with talent..and i can see it where others may not…funny how nobody comes into ur life by mistake…time will tell my friend..;)

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